Nine? Nein!

Ridiculous. How else can you explain this Bruins losing streak. 9 Straight losses? Being bad alone can not produce 9 straight losses. In hockey you can almost back your way into a win, now and then anyway. But you have to score, more than one goal.

It’s now been over 3 weeks since the Bruins last won a game. 3 weeks! While a lot of Bruins fans are at wit’s end with their team, dealing with this team on a regular basis makes you a little more empathetic. Hockey players have always been the least spoiled and most respectful and well-mannered athletes to deal with. These Bruins are no different. They are trying, they just can’t score, or at least they can’t score enough.

Saturday afternoon the task of breaking the streak doesn’t get any easier as the Vancouver Canucks make their only Boston appearance of the year. The Canucks presently hold the 3rd best record in the Western Conference.  The Bruins have not won a game at the Garden this calendar year. 0-8. Ouch. The Madness must stop, it has to stop…hopefully, for the Bruins and their faithful fans.



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