Trade Ray Allen?- No Way

This may have been the worst/ugliest Celtics performance of the year. Rajon Rando (let’s hope he was sick) made the Hornets Darren Collison look like he should be going to the all-star game instead of Rondo. Paul Pierce couldn’t do much of anything in the 2nd half. Kevin Garnett was just as ineffective. This went beyond discouraging, it was depressing for Celtics fans everywhere. And now they have 6 days to think about it until their next game.

Father time (and injuries) is rearing his ugly head on the Celtics, specifically Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett ? An older Ray Allen plays like he is 5 years younger than his 2 younger teammates so stop the trade Ray Allen talk which is mostly made up jibberish anyway.

The Celtics blew another 2nd half lead last night. You can’t blame Ray Allen for this loss-he was out with back spasms. With him out and the team needing a lift, especially offensively, Paul Pierce had 2 2nd half points. Kevin Garnett had 7 points-Total. Pierce and Garnett who are trying to get themselves 100% healthy, both look much older than their elder teammate Ray Allen. Garnett looks no better than he did 3 months ago. That is not good.

Oh Yah, then there is 35 year old Rasheed Wallace. Wallace is competitive but he looks to not enjoy what he is doing. Do you work with someone like this? They are not fun to deal with. Wallace has only been with the Celtics for 6 months but his act is already growing old (so is he).

The teams recent (prolonged) slump (9-13)  makes this situation an even more difficult one to manage for Coach Doc Rivers. Veterans who were once great, always think they are great. Right now none of them are great, and it is doubtful that they can turn the clock back. Change is needed. An attitude change might be the most difficult one to execute. Some kind of personnel change might be necessary. That is the challenge facing Celtics boss Danny Ainge. Good Luck.



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