Time for Celtics to Put Up!


I know the saying goes “It’s Time to Put up or Shut up” but since these Celtics will never shut-up, led by Kevin Garnett who was voted by a 65% majority as the biggest trash talker in the NBA, it is now time to just “Put up”.

The Celtics tonight start the “2nd Half of the season”, tho they have just 32 games left after playing 50 so far. The problem is how they have played those 50, more specifically the last 22 where they’ve gone a very disappointing 9-13. So, do they have enough left in those old legs to ramp turn it on and elevate their game to be a contender, because with the trading deadline just 2 days away, it appears that Danny Ainge will be sticking with those old legs. (He’s listening but not hearing anything he thinks will improve his team).

Right now the Celtics are in 4th place in the East. They need to jump over Atlanta and Orlando to get to 2nd and it won’t take much to do that except they start this “2nd half” on the west coast with 4 games against the Kings, Lakers, Trailblazers and Nuggets. They have to win 2 of these. The Celtics have actually been a better team on the road this year than at home.

It starts tonight in Sacramento with a very winnable game. It should be a warm up game for Paul Pierce who played a team low 12 minutes in Sunday’s all-star game, and Kevin Garnett who played just 13 minutes on Sunday. They haven’t exerted themselves in 6 days. Some say that it has been a lot longer than that. Garnett has to start showing us something or it is going to be an early exit from the playoffs.



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