What Tiger SHOULD say

The criticism has already begun for the format of Tiger Woods press conference tomorrow in Florida. The super controlling Tiger and his entourage is controlling this as well. No Questions, one camera and just close friends and close reporters.  I say why not? Wouldn’t you do the exact same thing?

1st off, despite the media critics (ESPN and most tabloid journalists) Tiger does not owe anybody a full explanation of all the sordid details. As enquiring(nosy) as the American public has become, Tiger doesn’t have to answer to any of them. He has to answer to just his family and maybe a few friends (and quite frankly I think Tiger doesn’t have more than a few freinds).

Tiger has been given some bad advice over the years from his entourage. Since he 1st catapulted to golf greatness he has drawn a definitive line of seperation from way too many people. NOTE: In my limited dealings/interviews with Tigers, He has always been very polite. However I think very little of his caddie (rude) and his agent who I understand has to be the bad guy but he is just not nearly as nice as he should be because, well,  quite frankly he hasn’t needed to be.  Everyone has kissed Tiger’s behind. Well guess what- that has changed. I think Tiger’s wife Elan needs to fire Tiger’s agent because obviously he had to have known most everything that was going on.

OK, so what should Tigers say? The very 1st thing (and last thing-repeating it at the end of the statement) he should say is that this is the 1st and LAST time that he will address all that has taken place off the golf course over the past several years. He should say that he will not take any questions concerning hi personal life. He just won’t. He should apologize to his fans but this is a very private matter and the only people who need an explanation is members of his family and he has tried to do that.

He should then address his fans apologizing for letting them down. He cannot do this enough. The general Public/Fans need to be given a lot of respect. If they aren’t, they will be riding him for many years, so Tiger, give them the utmost repect.

I think that this will not be a long statement. He might even throw a bone to the thirsting tabloids and say that his car accident came after a disagreement with his wife that he was very distraught over.

Announce when you are coming back to play golf- I’d say about 3 weeks, and then finish with another apology mentioning that this is the last time that he would address any of this.

Tiger,Good Luck.



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