Moss-No, Beckett-Yes, Garnett-Yes, Pierce-No

Oh Randy Moss, so you won’t re-sign with the Patriots after next season? Oh yes you will if they offer you another 7-9 million per year, but if they don’t (and they won’t) then take your game and your 33 year old body to the highest bidder. Just don’t expect a farewell tour-you’ve been a pain in the arse since you got here, really. Entertaining-absolutely, but don’t go embarrassing defenseless Patriots PR people in front of others when they had nothing to do with your complaint. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Josh Beckett ? Now he is a gamer. also not the most friendly person in the world but that is usually forgiven when you can deliver like he has. (…Oh yah, Moss, don’t be afraid to try a little harder on Brady’s last 2 passes in the Super Bowl). Beckett is looking to break the bank after this season, that’s not going to happen here. His loss will be a big one. Let’s just hope he doesn’t head to Yankee stadium.

Kevin Garnett showed Celtics fans over this past weekend why they should still have hopes for a championship. he is not all the way back but showed some serious glimpses that he is closer to 85% than 70%.

Paul Pierce needs a week off. What he’ll get is probably 3 days off. he needs time off after hyper extending his right thumb in the Lakers game. he couldn’t shoot for 2 games afterwards. Courageous of him to play, but the Celtics don’t need heroes in February. Take the Knicks game off and rest up for LeBron and company on Thursday.



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