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Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins
March 31, 2010

Let’s go around the diamond, so to speak.

I think the Josh Beckett contract negotiations will wind up before opening day/night. Give him 4 years with an option for a 5th at about, oh 15-18 M/yr.

The Celtics will struggle tonight but win because Oklahoma City played last night. Thank you schedule maker. Overall the Celtics remain a bit of a mystery. Rasheed Wallace’s play continues to make me sick. Please, for over 5 million/yr, could you please move your feet on defense, maybe once a game. KG is who he is, an aging superstar no longer able to dominate a game but he does play hard and gives everything he has. Pierce is better than he was a month ago, but still prone to down games which is a problem. Ray Allen?-see KG except is able to get hot and score 25 pts in a game.

So what happens in the playoffs? They could win a 2nd round match-up against the Magic, but after that forget it.

The Bruins?- a step below the Celtics unless, unless Tuka Rask gets hot, which could happen. BIG win last night, the kind of win the Bruins need to win during the last 2 weeks of the season. If they don’t they just might not make the playoffs.

and what about the Revolution? Their media day on Tuesday was postponed until next Tuesday? when the Red Sox are in town? why not this thursday or Friday when the weather is good??? That’s the Revolution for you, a team that is bound for a sub-par year.


High School Football Playoffs Stay The Same
March 26, 2010

SportsCenter 5 has just learned that The MIAA today shot down, by a vote of 190-114,  the proposal for an expanded High School football playoff system which would have included nearly 3 times as many teams (every team .500 or better) and a much longer playoff format than the present format which lasts nearly  2 weeks.

More coming up on SportsCenter 5 at 6


Changing Celtics
March 23, 2010

My last Celtic blog a week ago predicted last night’s loss in Utah but what I did not foresee was the return to good health of Paul Pierce resulting in the 2 Celtics wins in Texas over Houston and Dallas. There’s the change, for the better obviously.

Having said that Wednesdays home game against Denver is another big test. The Nuggets are one of the 5 best teams in the NBA and the Celtics have not been dominant at home. Under the advice of their sleep specialist they did not fly back to Boston after Monday night’s game instead deciding to sleep in Utah after the game and fly back on Tuesday.

Just 11 games remaining until the playoffs, the next 6 at home. Time to find out if the Celtics are good enough to hold home court against good teams during the playoffs. Also, time to find out if Rasheed is going to worth a portion of his 5 plus million dollar salary, which so far he has not been.


Madness Ensues
March 18, 2010

For live updates from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, and throughout the NCAA Tournament, follow @SportsCenter5 on Twitter!

And yes, Lynchie has brought out the big board!

Patriots Name All-Decade Team: 2000’s Edition
March 16, 2010

From the official team press release:

“The team consists of 11 offensive, 11 defensive, four special teams players and one head coach. Four of the 27 members were also members of the 1990s All-Decade Team. Willie McGinest was named to the 1990s All-Decade Team as a defensive end and to the 2000s All-Decade Team as an outside linebacker. He joins cornerback Ty Law, safety Lawyer Milloy and kicker Adam Vinatieri as the four players with the distinction of being on both teams.”

Pos Name
OT Nick Kaczur
OT Matt Light
G Joe Andruzzi
G Logan Mankins
C Dan Koppen
TE Daniel Graham
WR Troy Brown
WR Randy Moss
WR Wes Welker
QB Tom Brady
RB Corey Dillon

Pos Name
DE Richard Seymour
DE Ty Warren
NT Vince Wilfork
OLB Willie McGinest
OLB Mike Vrabel
ILB Tedy Bruschi
ILB Roman Phifer
CB Ty Law
CB Asante Samuel
S Rodney Harrison
S Lawyer Milloy

Pos Name
K Adam Vinatieri
P Josh Miller
Ret Kevin Faulk
SpT Larry Izzo

Head Coach Bill Belichick

Buckle up for the Celtics
March 15, 2010

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for the Celtics and their fans the rest of the season, so you might as well buckle up now.

Just look at last week. An awful 1st 3 quarters against Washington a decent 4th quarter and a win. Mediocre against Milwaukee resulting in a loss. The very next night a bona fide stinker against Memphis and a 20 point loss. Friday night the celtics looked pretty good and beat Indiana by 20. Sunday a pretty good 3 quarters and then a stinker of a 4th quarter resulting in a loss to The Cavs.

This week? Monday it will be a pretty good effort and a win against Detroit. Wednesday more beating up on a bad team will result in another win. and then brace yourself for a steep ride down the rollercoaster with games at Houston and Dallas, followed by a loss at Utah, I mean a game at Utah. BY that time Celtics fans will be ready to jump off the Tobin. It could(will) get worse with a game against the Denver Nuggets which just could be their 4th straight loss.

So predictable, so up and down, so buckle up and try to enjoy the ride, even with the sudden downturns.


Same old (sad) Celtics story
March 11, 2010

How much worse can it get? Really? After losing to the Nets at home last week I thought that there was only one way to go. I was wrong.

The Celtics just cannot be as bad as they looked, no make that WERE, last night against Memphis. Can they? Ok, if they aren’t really that bad, then they must not care that much to play hard enough to win, no make that just to be competitive. That might be tougher to believe, that they don’t care enough? So that brings us back to the point that they, all of a sudden, are just not that good. That is sad.

Let me try to put some kind of positive spin on this (now this is going to take some creativity). The Celtics opponent last night- Memphis- is everything the Celtics are not, like young and athletic. Think the Atlanta Hawks who the Celtics are winless against this year. That explains a little, but not enough. The Celtics have 3 future hall of famers who, recently, have been playing like ordinary players, especially Paul Pierce who all of a sudden looks slow, and Kevin Garnett who looks like he has just played too many minutes.

And if you’re searching for some kind of positive from last nights game I think I have one. Rasheed Wallace, who in full disclosure is NOT one of my favorite players, last night actually played with a little aggressiveness as he had 6 steals. 

That’s all I got, sadly.


Same old Celtics problems
March 10, 2010

If you are a betting man, you might put down a lot of money on Paul Pierce not making a basket in tonight’s Celticsgame against the Memphis Grizzlies. Last night Ray Allen did not make a basket which follows up Sundays Celtics game where Kevin Garnett didn’t score a basket, the 1st time that has happened in 13 years, so tonight must be Pierce’s turn.

Doesn’t one of Doc Rivers 6 assistant coaches keep stats or at least look at the stats thruout the game and relaize that the teams leading scorer has not taken many shots- Allen took 3 shots in 34 minutes of play. C’mon, a CYO coach knows that you’re leading scorer should be taking more than 3 shots.

The Celtics dysfunction continues. We are down to just 20 games until the playoffs. Is that enough to right the ship? The waters do not seem to be calming down at all. I know that the Celtics are adjusting to the additions of Nate Robinson and Michael Finley. and I know that the regular season doesn’t really mean that much but at some point there has to be some signs of, well, improvement. We havent seent that in nearly 2 months, since winning 3 of 4 on a west coast road swing

Cheap hit on Savard -black eye on Many
March 9, 2010

The health of the Bruins Marc Savard is undeniably 1st and foremost as we discuss the cheap shot he took in Sundays game, but there are going to be many long-term effects here.

Savard, suffering a grade 2 concussion, is going to be out of the line-up for a while, probably a few weeks, at least. That is a bad hit to the Bruins but the playoffs are still 5-6 weeks away so the best case scenario for the team is that he misses just a few weeks.

Now, what is he NHL waiting for in suspending Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke? Really, do they need more time to look at the replays? It’s been nearly 2 days. The NHL’s ineptness never ceases to amaze.

And the other aspect of this incident is where was the retaliation? Are you kidding? Bruins alumni everywhere are shaking their heads. It’s a disgrace to the Bruins sweater. I know they were trying to win the game but a hit like this and the absence of retaliation has long-term ramifications. This could haunt this team. They don’t have each others backs? That is something you never want questioned in a hockey locker room. While many may try to move on, to many more this piece of this unfortunate incident will not go away for quite some time.


Celts celebrate after this win?
March 8, 2010

OK, they won which is the bottom line.

But they won by putting in 6 minutes of effort. The game is 48 minutes long. That’s embarrassing. The opponent was the Washington Wizards who have mediocre NBA talent but, you know what, they give a good effort which is more than I can say about the Celtics.

There are problems here. I heard the remark last night that Kevin Garnett looked like Mark Blount. Ouch. Except that Blount would have scored a basket. Kevin Garnett did not score a basket. Not one. Not since his rookie season 13 years ago has Kevin Garnett not scored a basket in an NBA game. He not only missed all 8 shots but 2 of them were put back in his face by young relatively unknown centers from the Wizards. Andre Blatche outplaying Kevin Garnett? Ouch! No, make that OUCH!

21 more games to right the ship.