Celts celebrate after this win?

OK, they won which is the bottom line.

But they won by putting in 6 minutes of effort. The game is 48 minutes long. That’s embarrassing. The opponent was the Washington Wizards who have mediocre NBA talent but, you know what, they give a good effort which is more than I can say about the Celtics.

There are problems here. I heard the remark last night that Kevin Garnett looked like Mark Blount. Ouch. Except that Blount would have scored a basket. Kevin Garnett did not score a basket. Not one. Not since his rookie season 13 years ago has Kevin Garnett not scored a basket in an NBA game. He not only missed all 8 shots but 2 of them were put back in his face by young relatively unknown centers from the Wizards. Andre Blatche outplaying Kevin Garnett? Ouch! No, make that OUCH!

21 more games to right the ship.



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