Cheap hit on Savard -black eye on Many

The health of the Bruins Marc Savard is undeniably 1st and foremost as we discuss the cheap shot he took in Sundays game, but there are going to be many long-term effects here.

Savard, suffering a grade 2 concussion, is going to be out of the line-up for a while, probably a few weeks, at least. That is a bad hit to the Bruins but the playoffs are still 5-6 weeks away so the best case scenario for the team is that he misses just a few weeks.

Now, what is he NHL waiting for in suspending Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke? Really, do they need more time to look at the replays? It’s been nearly 2 days. The NHL’s ineptness never ceases to amaze.

And the other aspect of this incident is where was the retaliation? Are you kidding? Bruins alumni everywhere are shaking their heads. It’s a disgrace to the Bruins sweater. I know they were trying to win the game but a hit like this and the absence of retaliation has long-term ramifications. This could haunt this team. They don’t have each others backs? That is something you never want questioned in a hockey locker room. While many may try to move on, to many more this piece of this unfortunate incident will not go away for quite some time.



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