Same old Celtics problems

If you are a betting man, you might put down a lot of money on Paul Pierce not making a basket in tonight’s Celticsgame against the Memphis Grizzlies. Last night Ray Allen did not make a basket which follows up Sundays Celtics game where Kevin Garnett didn’t score a basket, the 1st time that has happened in 13 years, so tonight must be Pierce’s turn.

Doesn’t one of Doc Rivers 6 assistant coaches keep stats or at least look at the stats thruout the game and relaize that the teams leading scorer has not taken many shots- Allen took 3 shots in 34 minutes of play. C’mon, a CYO coach knows that you’re leading scorer should be taking more than 3 shots.

The Celtics dysfunction continues. We are down to just 20 games until the playoffs. Is that enough to right the ship? The waters do not seem to be calming down at all. I know that the Celtics are adjusting to the additions of Nate Robinson and Michael Finley. and I know that the regular season doesn’t really mean that much but at some point there has to be some signs of, well, improvement. We havent seent that in nearly 2 months, since winning 3 of 4 on a west coast road swing


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