Same old (sad) Celtics story

How much worse can it get? Really? After losing to the Nets at home last week I thought that there was only one way to go. I was wrong.

The Celtics just cannot be as bad as they looked, no make that WERE, last night against Memphis. Can they? Ok, if they aren’t really that bad, then they must not care that much to play hard enough to win, no make that just to be competitive. That might be tougher to believe, that they don’t care enough? So that brings us back to the point that they, all of a sudden, are just not that good. That is sad.

Let me try to put some kind of positive spin on this (now this is going to take some creativity). The Celtics opponent last night- Memphis- is everything the Celtics are not, like young and athletic. Think the Atlanta Hawks who the Celtics are winless against this year. That explains a little, but not enough. The Celtics have 3 future hall of famers who, recently, have been playing like ordinary players, especially Paul Pierce who all of a sudden looks slow, and Kevin Garnett who looks like he has just played too many minutes.

And if you’re searching for some kind of positive from last nights game I think I have one. Rasheed Wallace, who in full disclosure is NOT one of my favorite players, last night actually played with a little aggressiveness as he had 6 steals. 

That’s all I got, sadly.



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