Buckle up for the Celtics

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for the Celtics and their fans the rest of the season, so you might as well buckle up now.

Just look at last week. An awful 1st 3 quarters against Washington a decent 4th quarter and a win. Mediocre against Milwaukee resulting in a loss. The very next night a bona fide stinker against Memphis and a 20 point loss. Friday night the celtics looked pretty good and beat Indiana by 20. Sunday a pretty good 3 quarters and then a stinker of a 4th quarter resulting in a loss to The Cavs.

This week? Monday it will be a pretty good effort and a win against Detroit. Wednesday more beating up on a bad team will result in another win. and then brace yourself for a steep ride down the rollercoaster with games at Houston and Dallas, followed by a loss at Utah, I mean a game at Utah. BY that time Celtics fans will be ready to jump off the Tobin. It could(will) get worse with a game against the Denver Nuggets which just could be their 4th straight loss.

So predictable, so up and down, so buckle up and try to enjoy the ride, even with the sudden downturns.



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