Changing Celtics

My last Celtic blog a week ago predicted last night’s loss in Utah but what I did not foresee was the return to good health of Paul Pierce resulting in the 2 Celtics wins in Texas over Houston and Dallas. There’s the change, for the better obviously.

Having said that Wednesdays home game against Denver is another big test. The Nuggets are one of the 5 best teams in the NBA and the Celtics have not been dominant at home. Under the advice of their sleep specialist they did not fly back to Boston after Monday night’s game instead deciding to sleep in Utah after the game and fly back on Tuesday.

Just 11 games remaining until the playoffs, the next 6 at home. Time to find out if the Celtics are good enough to hold home court against good teams during the playoffs. Also, time to find out if Rasheed is going to worth a portion of his 5 plus million dollar salary, which so far he has not been.



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