Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins

Let’s go around the diamond, so to speak.

I think the Josh Beckett contract negotiations will wind up before opening day/night. Give him 4 years with an option for a 5th at about, oh 15-18 M/yr.

The Celtics will struggle tonight but win because Oklahoma City played last night. Thank you schedule maker. Overall the Celtics remain a bit of a mystery. Rasheed Wallace’s play continues to make me sick. Please, for over 5 million/yr, could you please move your feet on defense, maybe once a game. KG is who he is, an aging superstar no longer able to dominate a game but he does play hard and gives everything he has. Pierce is better than he was a month ago, but still prone to down games which is a problem. Ray Allen?-see KG except is able to get hot and score 25 pts in a game.

So what happens in the playoffs? They could win a 2nd round match-up against the Magic, but after that forget it.

The Bruins?- a step below the Celtics unless, unless Tuka Rask gets hot, which could happen. BIG win last night, the kind of win the Bruins need to win during the last 2 weeks of the season. If they don’t they just might not make the playoffs.

and what about the Revolution? Their media day on Tuesday was postponed until next Tuesday? when the Red Sox are in town? why not this thursday or Friday when the weather is good??? That’s the Revolution for you, a team that is bound for a sub-par year.


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