Impressions of Opening Day

-Pedro? Interesting selection for 1st pitch. Hugging Alex Rodriguez? You could always expect the unexpected from Pedro.

-Little Kid imitating USA Coach Herb Brooks speech from the movie miracle. The Red Sox can do alot better than that including an inappropriate “screw ’em” from a 5 year old. His parants can also do alot better than allowing their kid to watch the movie 150 times as well (but that’s another story for another time/forum) 

-Red Sox 2 best players?- Youkilis and Pedroia-their 2 home grown products. These guys can hit the ball.

-Most likeable newcomers (since the overall most likeable remains Mike Lowell) -Mike Cameron followed quickly by Bill Hall.

-Biggest Concern? -same as last season-middle relief, Ramon Ramirez ERA during spring training was over 8.00. Why should we have expected anything different?

-2nd biggest concern -David Ortiz

-Most sure thing-Daniel “97 mph” Bard coming into the 8th inning and keeping the opponents scoreless.

-Most satisfying part of Opening Day -Alex Rodriguez going 1-5 and looking rather slow (and soft) running down the 1st base line. Amazing what the lack of ‘Roids does to a body and it’s performance.



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