Tiger SHOULD play well

He has had ALOT of time to practice hasn’t he? besides that 45 day stint in Rehab, that is.

So should Tiger’s 1st 2 rounds of 4 under par 68 and 2 under par 70 (which at this time puts him just 4 shots back of the leader) really be that big of a surprise? Both rounds were played under pretty good weather conditions on a course that Tiger has dominated more than any other golfer over the past 14 years.  I understand that he had not played a competitive round of golf in 144 days but he has had alot of time to practice.

Personally I thought 60-year-old Tom Watson’s 1st round 5 under par 67 was much more impressive. 50-year-old Fred Couples 66 wasn’t bad either but I digress-back to the topic of the day-El Tigre.

The crowds (at the Masters they’re called patrons, please) were a little too cordial (wait until he plays a tournament in New York) for my liking but our society has turned into one that is in awe of celebrities, even ones who have not lived an admirable personal life. On the course Tiger was Tiger. Off the course in the press conferences afterwards he was also the same old Tiger-brief, controlled, robotic. A changed more friendly person?-I don’t think so.

The single most disturbing thing I saw at the 1st round of the Masters was the sight of Tigers same personal agent, Mark “Steiny” Steinberg by Tiger’s side. Like this guy didn’t know most everything Tiger was doing on the side the past number of years? How Tiger’s wife Elin allows this is unfathomable. This guy has always put himself on the same level (or above)  Tiger and obviously has not paid any price for enabling Tiger’s transgressions. That cannot  bode well for Elin’s say in Tiger’s personal life.



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