Touching all the Bases, something the Red Sox are NOT doing.

Our Boys of summer are playing like just that, that their season doesn’t really start until the summer. I know we’re just 9 games (4-5) into the season but so far the bats of Ortiz, J.D.Drew(even worse) and Victor Martinez are as cold as winter and tonight they will be greeted with winter like temperatures in the low 40’s at Fenway. 

We’ll see if Josh Beckett can keep the speedy Tampa Bay rays off the bases while getting a little support. Thank goodness for Jeremy Hermeida (.294) and of course Dustin Pedroia who is off to an MVP start with a .405 average along with 4 HR’s.

-The Bruins, Can’t say last night’s 2-1 playoff opening loss to Buffalo surprised anyone. We all know that this series is going to be low scoring and that poor Tuukka Rask cannot afford any mistakes. Better pitch a shutout Tuukka.

-The Celtics, The most often asked question is can the Celtics turn it on for the playoffs. But to be able to turn it on means you have the power there to turn on. That remains the much bigger question. Garnett is who he is right now-a good power forward but he’s not going to get any better. His biggest problem is that he has not strength, or at least confidence in his leg which is not 100% from surgery last off-season. Thank goodness the C’s 1st round opponent has Jermaine O’Neill who is as weak as Garnett (or weaker) and Michael Beasely who is not exactly a brain surgeon.

The biggest question surrounding the Celtics is what exactly are they going to get out of paul Pierce who has looked about 45-50 years old more often that 33, at least in the 2nd half of the season….oh, and then there’s Rasheed, who I believe, despite being out of shape, is going to be a valuable contributor to the Celtics playoff run. Now I didn’t say he he’d be great, just better than he has been (and I realize that is not saying much).

It’s why we watch.



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