Don’t be fooled by Red Sox

A much needed win by the Red Sox should not give you the hope that they are out of the woods and their fortunes are going to turn around. Right now they are just not a very good team.

We will remember the night of Darnell McDonald, the career minor leaguer, whose late inning hitting heroics prevented the Red Sox 6th straight loss, but don’t bet on Darnell’s moment as the seasons turning point. David Ortiz and J.D.Drew still cannot hit. Outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron are out of the lineup for another week and Victor Martinez and Jason Variteck can’t throw anybody out on the base paths (29 straight steals by the opposition including 9 last night which ties a 97 year old club record). That last fact just might be the most devastating and needs to be addressed immediately by Theo Epstein.

The next 2 nights the Red Sox face 2 left handed starting pitchers so both Ortiz and Drew should be giving way to Mike Lowell and Jeremy Hermeida (tho Francona will probably only sit them for 1 of the 2 games), so there may be some added production there. The pitching will be better but the opposing baserunners are just warming up. This is a major problem.

Enjoy Darnell’s big night for now but be realistic. The Red Sox are a flawed team, right now anyway.



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