Bruins GM quietly smiling

No member of the Bruins organization took more heat this past season for the up and down play of the team than General manager Peter Chiarelli. He traded the teams only real sniper in Phil Kessel. He didn’t pull off the big deal at the trading deadline. Injuries didn’t help as the team was on the verge of not making the playoffs….But he did make a relatively under the radar minor deal signing Miroslav Satan who was basically out of hockey after last year helping the Penguins win a Stanley Cup.

The signing of Satan this past January, at the time, didn’t excite too many people, until this past week. All Satan did was score the winning goal in double overtime last Wednesday and then last night score the series clinching goal. Not bad. Somewhere Chiarelli has a big big grin. He won’t step forward and say I told you so but that deal to bring Satan here has proven to be a pretty big deal, at least in the past week in the playoffs when it counts most.

Can the Bruins win another playoff series? Not many people are giving them a chance against Pittsburgh. But what if Montreal upsets Washington? Then the Bruins would face Philadelphia which had a worse regular season record than the Bruins …For now enjoy the playoff run because in hockey you never really know what can or will happen.



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