Turn about is fair Play

Who would have EVER thought this would happen? Seriously. The media has a tendency to over exagerate great athletic performances but words just can not begin to describe the Celtics game #5 win in Cleveland over the Cavs.

If I would have told you that Rajon Rondo wouldn’t score a point in the 1st half you would have thought the Celtics would be in big trouble. Instead they led by 6 at intermission (Rondo scored 12 3rd quarter points on the way to 16 for the game).

How about Paul Pierce, given up by many as too old averaging just 11 pts in the 1st 4 games, showing he has something left scoring 21 points.

And then there is LeBron- Not scoring a basket until midway thru the 3rd quarter (3-14 for the game for 15 points). C’mon, really? Yes and in response to the Cavaliers handing the Celtics their worst ever home playoff loss last Friday night, the Celtics returned the favor with a one up, or should I say 3 up bettering the 29 point beating at the Garden to win by 32 points. 32 Points!

Simply put, No one predicted this. In fact No one predicted that this series would be where it is right now-with the Celtics one win away from eliminating the league’s best team in the regular season. But these are the playoffs where winners prove they know how to win and so far the Celtics look like the winners, winning twice on Cleveland’s home court, the 2nd time in a game no one predicted and few can still believe.

What will happen in game #6? No one knows, really. But I can’t wait to see what happens.



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