Championship Contenders!

I know, I know, don’t overreact to just one win in this series. But, you can’t disagree with me. I think the Magic is actually a better match-up for the Celtics than the Cavaliers (whose total collapse I still havent figured out-the Celtics just cannot be THAT much better than the Cavs, can they?)

If you are an Orlando fan, you have got to be seriously concerned about your teams chances to win this series with the way yesterdays game went. The Celtics played pretty well- their defense was good but their offense was just alright.

Their are 2 big X-factors for the Celtics that have been unexpected. #1-Rasheed! C’mon who would have thought that he is would now be one of their 5 best players giving a steady effort? After coasting through the regular season? It’s true and Rasheed, yes Rasheed Wallace, is a big key to the Celtics championship aspirations.

X-Factor #2 is the continued consistent play of Tony Allen. This post season Allen has been everything that Celtics management hoped for since the day they drafted him. His energy is contagious. His defensive abilities are unmatched.

And let’s not forget the big 4- KG, Rondo, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are playing pretty well. Allen and Pierce, who had an unspectacular game #6 vs Cleveland, were very good in game #1 vs Orlando with 25 and 22 points respectively.

If yesterday is any indication, and I believe it is, you’ve got to be feeling pretty good about the Celtics chances to get to the finals, where anything can happen. It’s a pretty good feeling considering the Celtics finished the regular season at 27-27.

Side Note: I’m watching ESPN’s sportscenter and they’re analyzing game #1 and talking about the Celtics defense against Dwight Howard mentioning Perkins, Big Baby, and Garnett but didn’t even mention Rasheed Wallace!? What game were they watching??



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