Greetings from Orlando

It is actually a couple of degrees cooler here in Orlando than it is in Boston, right now that is. Tonight though the heat will be turned up inside the Amway Arena for game 5 of the Celtics-Magic Series.

This mornings Celtics shootaround took place with the usual happenings.

-Kevin Garnett did not speak to the media (he kinda hangs with Rasheed on the road)

-Rajon Rondo did speak , and with the usual amount of emotion (none) with which he usually speaks to us. That is a good sign. He says he feels better that he did the other night when he was feeling a little weak and that tonight he will be fine. While he does not say that he is seeking revenge, he couldn’t have helped but  to think a few times about the way he was outplayed by Orlando point guard Jameer nelson who outscored Rondo 23-8.

Doc Rivers was his usual friendly self. What’s not to be friendly about-he is sleeping in his own bed (except that his 2 dogs also sleep on the bed) and his team is on the road where the have won 4 straight games.

I talked to a number of Celtics about the atmosphere (annoying) here in what they call the O-rena (O meaning obnoxious). That story coming up at 5 tonight.  The celtics also have a surprise visitor- that coming up at 6.



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