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Pierce-Staying or going?
June 30, 2010

As Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge told SportsCenter 5 on Sports OT last Sunday night the Celtics are not surprised at all that Paul Pierce has decided to opt out of the final year of his 21.5 million dollar. With the millions of dollars (as in cap space) cleared out by teams with the possibility of signing Lebron James, Dewayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, amongst a few others, Pierce’s move was expected. Ainge told us last week that Pierce’s situation was one of the 1st 3 situations he had to address this week.

So is Pierce gone? That depends on Pierce who has claimed that he wants to end his career. We’ll see exactly how loyal he really is compared to how greedy he is.

The Celtics will not break the bank for Pierce (they can pay him as much as 96 million over the next 4 years). Pierce will be 33 years old in October. He has played 12 seasons and 985 games. His career clearly is not on the upswing. He is still a valuable commodity but Celtics management will not allow Pierce’s demands to handcuff the franchise’s financial flexibility.

So will Pierce really leave the team who drafted him, stood by him thru his stabbing incident and with whom he won a championship? That depends solely on his ego.

Will/can he get bigger offers from other teams? Yes, as in New York and New jersey who will probably lose out on the big 3 or 4 free agents. Is money alone going to be the deciding factor  in Pierce’s decision? We’ll soon find out exactly how loyal Pierce is. I have my doubts because I know how much money means to these guys even with all of the money they have already made. Pierce has already pocketed about 100 million dollars (60 million in the last 3 years alone). Really, how much more do you need? We’ll find out in the next week or 2



Red Sox Injuries Keep on coming
June 29, 2010

This might be Terry Francona’s best managing job ever. The fact that his team has caught and passed Tampa and sit just 2 games behind the 1st place Yankees borders on miraculous considering all of the injuries his team has experienced.

Let’s also give a lot of credit to Theo Epstein because as one player after another goes down, up comes another player who produces. Theo has been the teams Houdini this season as he pulls trick after trick out of the hat.

I mean just take a look at the injury release the Red Sox sent out yesterday to see just how bad it is.

MEDICAL UPDATES:  Red Sox right-handed pitcher Clay Buchholz, second baseman Dustin Pedroia and catcher Victor Martinez were examined today by the team’s medical staff.  Below are updates on each player:

After undergoing an MRI earlier today, Clay Buchholz has been diagnosed with a left hamstring strain.  He is not scheduled to start this week at Fenway Park, but there are no plans to place him on the disabled list.  Buchholz suffered the injury running the bases in the top of the second inning during his start on Saturday in San Francisco. 

Dustin Pedroia was examined by Red Sox Medical Director Dr. Thomas Gill who confirmed that he has a non-displaced fracture of the medial navicular bone in his left foot.  Pedroia was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Saturday after suffering the injury Friday night in San Francisco when he fouled a ball off his left foot in the top of the third inning.  He is not expected to require surgery.  The usual timetable for this injury is approximately six weeks to return to play.

Victor Martinez also underwent further examination which revealed a minimally displaced fracture on the tip of his left thumb.  He is also not expected to require surgery.  Martinez left yesterday’s game in San Francisco after the third inning due to the injury which was sustained after having two foul balls hit off his thumb while he was behind the plate.  There will be no roster move today regarding Martinez. 

ROSTER MOVE: The Boston Red Sox today added infielder/outfielder Eric Patterson to the active Major League roster and designated left-handed pitcher Fabio Castro for assignment.  Patterson, who was acquired from Oakland on Saturday (June 26) in exchange for minor league left-handed pitcher Fabian Williamson, will be available for tomorrow night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park, wearing No. 3.  The announcement was made by Executive Vice President/General Manager Theo Epstein.  

Patterson has appeared in 45 games for the A’s this season, batting .204 (21-for-103) with five doubles, two triples, four home runs, nine RBI, 13 runs and six stolen bases.  He’s played in 25 games (22 starts) in left field, seven (two starts) in center field and five (one start) at second base, committing just one error overall for a .985 combined fielding percentage at the three positions.

Castro was recalled Friday (June 25) for his second stint with the Red Sox this season, but has not appeared in a game with the club in 2010.  The left-hander has made 17 appearances (five starts) for Triple-A Pawtucket this year, going 3-5 with a 6.65 ERA (32 ER/43.1 IP), 36 strikeouts and 22 walks. 


BONSER CLEARS WAIVERS: Right-handed pitcher Boof Bonser today cleared outright waivers and has chosen to become a free agent.  Bonser was designated for assignment on June 18.  He did not record a decision while posting an 18.00 ERA (4 ER/2.0 IP) over two relief appearances with the Red Sox in 2010.

Live in LA
June 16, 2010

Just in case you haven’t been following – you can get live updates from the NBA Finals, including pictures and video, a – just follow @SportsCenter5. We’re also chatting online during the games on Twitter and our Facebook page. Don’t miss Game 7 Thursday night right here on Channel 5 at 9 o’clock!

Drooling Baby and Nate
June 11, 2010

While the game 4 win over the Lakers, led by the 2nd string, was memorable for Celtics fans, the unforgettable moment, unfortunately, was The Celtics Big Baby Davis experiencing a saliva malfunction. Ah, whats a little drool here and there? I mean his nickname is Big Baby.

The “Drool” happened during the critical 4th quarter run when the 4 subs(Baby, Nate Robinson, Rasheed and Tony Allen) were on the floor for 9:09 with ray Allen and outscored the Lakers (9-0 in the crucial spurt).

Davis rebounded Tony Allen’s missed lay-up and scored and was fouled by Gasol and then in an incredible open mouthed celebration, dreweled.

After the game Davis did say that kids should not follow his lead and they should have manners but when he is excited all bets are off. He and Nate Robinson had a rather humorous press conference, most of which you can see on our early news.

More coming up previewing game #5


Update on unlikeable Lakers
June 9, 2010

VERY painful to have to watch Derek “the flopper” Fisher take over game #3 to beat the Celtics. C’mon Rondo, you were named to the NBA all defensive team- stop him already. But as aggravating as Fisher was at the offensive end, Fisher today was accused by Doc Rivers of holding and clutching and being a flopper.

Rivers and Big Baby may get fined for their derogatory comments toward the officiating from game 3.

OK, Kobe ,who was greeted warmly by Tom Brady after game #3 (what’s with that???) missed 19 shots so he has not been dominating in this series.

Gasol is probably the series MVP right now. Still very annoying.

It’s time for the Big 3, or should I say the Big 4 to step up- all at the same time, or at the very least 3 of them or this could be a 5 game series.


Ok, Forget about Garnett, for now anyway
June 7, 2010

So much for my expert prognostication that Kevin Garnett must play the Lakers Pau Gasol to a standstill (after game #1 it looked like I was right) for the Celtics to win this series (see below Blogs). Then again who thought Ray Allen would set a Finals record with 8 3 pointers.

At some point in this series Garnett has got to be (and will be, helpful sooner than later) a factor but the Celtics managed to win game 2 behind Allen and Rajon Rondo’s 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Now let’s have a some full disclosure on exactly how we feel about a few of the Lakers. Who do you think is the most unlikable?

Candidate#1-Kobe Bryant. Really, is there anyone more smug? and the adjectives can go on and on. After last night’s game he came to meet the press and sat there with his hand on his chin and cheek answering each question with about a 10 word monotone curt answer. C’mon Kobe- GET OVER YOURSELF.

Candidate#2-Derek Fisher . Did you experience nearly the joy I had seeing Rondo block Fisher’s shot late in game #2. Fisher is a champion flopper and should thank his lucky stars that he has been on Kobe’s team for the better part of the last 10 years. Again, the word smug comes to mind.

Caandidate#3- Paul Gasol. Does this guy ever stop moaning when he is in the vicinity of an opponent. Shut-up already, and please close your mouth, Good player, but exasperating.

Cadidate#4-Ron Artest. Your classic bully and really, who likes a bully? He pushes and shoves starting 27 seconds into the series when he pulled down Paul Pierce in a typical Artest move.

Candidates #5-#12 the rest of the Lakers team-Sasha Vujacic-who actually thinks he is good? Jordan Farmer, who thinks he can guard Rondo? hello. I could go on and on but better stop now, but such an unlikeable group-the perfect opponent.


Garnett didn’t have it but neither did his teammates
June 4, 2010

In response to my own pre-game blog below-Kevin Garnett 16 points and 4 rebounds, Pau Gasol 23 points and 14 rebounds. Game over. If that mismatch continues this will be a 4 game series.

Now Kobe did have 30 points in this 102-89 Lakers win (and it wasn’t that close) but Paul Pierce nearly matched him with 24.

Rondo was nearly a non-factor. That hurts as much as Garnett getting outplayed. Rondo had 3 second half points with just 2 rebounds and 4 assists in that 2nd half. And then their is Ray Allen who got in foul trouble early and basically took himself out of this game.

Game #2 is Sunday night which means the Celtics have 3 days to hear how badly they played and probably hear how bad they are. That cannot be a bad thing if you’re a Celtics fan because you know this group has some pride and tonight that pride was dealt a serious blow. And it was dealt a serious blow by a previously soft Laker team which made the Celtics look soft. Ouch.


Does Garnett have enough left?
June 3, 2010

2 weeks ago Kevin Garnett turned 34 years old. Tonight He is playing in  his 87th game of the year in this, his 14th season. He has come back from last years off season surgery to play pretty well during the playoffs. Does he have 6 or 7 more good games in him because I firmly believe that his play, more than anyone else’s, will decide this series.

What about Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo? With Ron Artest guarding Paul Pierce I think that this series will play out very similarly to the Cleveland series. In that series Garnett averaged 19 points a game, and was a big factor defensively.

Now Rondo averaged 21 points a game against Cleveland and I feel like the 24 year old Rondo will have another outstanding series, but will the 34 year old Garnett? Does he have enough left?

Ray Allen can take a lot of pressure off of Garnett and I think that he will, but only during about 3 games. Garnett has got to flat outplay Pau Gasol. If he doesn’t the Celtics will not win the series.

Now, I am confident that Garnett can certainly play Gasol to a standstill and that alone will probably be good enough so Banner #18 is not far off…maybe just 6 games off.