Does Garnett have enough left?

2 weeks ago Kevin Garnett turned 34 years old. Tonight He is playing in  his 87th game of the year in this, his 14th season. He has come back from last years off season surgery to play pretty well during the playoffs. Does he have 6 or 7 more good games in him because I firmly believe that his play, more than anyone else’s, will decide this series.

What about Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo? With Ron Artest guarding Paul Pierce I think that this series will play out very similarly to the Cleveland series. In that series Garnett averaged 19 points a game, and was a big factor defensively.

Now Rondo averaged 21 points a game against Cleveland and I feel like the 24 year old Rondo will have another outstanding series, but will the 34 year old Garnett? Does he have enough left?

Ray Allen can take a lot of pressure off of Garnett and I think that he will, but only during about 3 games. Garnett has got to flat outplay Pau Gasol. If he doesn’t the Celtics will not win the series.

Now, I am confident that Garnett can certainly play Gasol to a standstill and that alone will probably be good enough so Banner #18 is not far off…maybe just 6 games off.



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