Ok, Forget about Garnett, for now anyway

So much for my expert prognostication that Kevin Garnett must play the Lakers Pau Gasol to a standstill (after game #1 it looked like I was right) for the Celtics to win this series (see below Blogs). Then again who thought Ray Allen would set a Finals record with 8 3 pointers.

At some point in this series Garnett has got to be (and will be, helpful sooner than later) a factor but the Celtics managed to win game 2 behind Allen and Rajon Rondo’s 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Now let’s have a some full disclosure on exactly how we feel about a few of the Lakers. Who do you think is the most unlikable?

Candidate#1-Kobe Bryant. Really, is there anyone more smug? and the adjectives can go on and on. After last night’s game he came to meet the press and sat there with his hand on his chin and cheek answering each question with about a 10 word monotone curt answer. C’mon Kobe- GET OVER YOURSELF.

Candidate#2-Derek Fisher . Did you experience nearly the joy I had seeing Rondo block Fisher’s shot late in game #2. Fisher is a champion flopper and should thank his lucky stars that he has been on Kobe’s team for the better part of the last 10 years. Again, the word smug comes to mind.

Caandidate#3- Paul Gasol. Does this guy ever stop moaning when he is in the vicinity of an opponent. Shut-up already, and please close your mouth, Good player, but exasperating.

Cadidate#4-Ron Artest. Your classic bully and really, who likes a bully? He pushes and shoves starting 27 seconds into the series when he pulled down Paul Pierce in a typical Artest move.

Candidates #5-#12 the rest of the Lakers team-Sasha Vujacic-who actually thinks he is good? Jordan Farmer, who thinks he can guard Rondo? hello. I could go on and on but better stop now, but such an unlikeable group-the perfect opponent.



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