LeBron, Jermaine and Jacoby, and Rasheed

Can we please move on from this LeBron thing? right after I make one more observation.

I hope the Celtics got a copy of Miami’s introductory love fest at American Airlines arena. LeBron declaring that 60 something Pat Riley could play along side their 3 all-stars (I refuse to ever call them the Big 3, or “The Trinity”, which is downright blasphemous).

And then Dwyane declaring that this is the collection of the 3 best players ever to play together. How about KG, Pierce and Ray Allen? OK, how about Bird, McHale and Parrish, or Magic, Kareem and Worthy? And the media is blamed (many times correctly) for excessive hyperbole?

Now to Jermaine O’Neal, previously called by many as the tin man (for his lack of heart). 2 of O’Neal’s main problems were that 1) he was grossly overpaid (at 23 Mill per year last season!!!) AND 2) he never had the talent to be your legitimate #1, #2 of even a #3 best player. Here with the celtics he will be the 5th or 6th of maybe even 7th best player. That he will be able to handle and should make him more successful.

Jacoby Ellsbury. He read from notes to explain his working out in Arizona rather than being with his team. C’mon Jacoby-you’re almost 27 years old years old. I know you’re just a baseball player but can’t you at least act like a semi-mature man with thoughts of your own? Notes?

Rasheed Wallace is retired. It’s official. You heard it here 1st.



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