What to do with 63 games left?

The Red Sox have fallen 8 games behind the Yankees and probably more importantly 5 games behind Tampa for the wild card playoff spot. So, should Red Sox fans be panicking?….

Clay Buccholz and Josh Beckett have returned but went 0-1 in their 1st 2 games back. Reason to panic?

On Sunday the bullpen blew another game, a game that Daisuke pitched very well, certainly well enough to win. Another reason to panic?

Red Sox fans who are subject to panicking have, in all likelihood, begun to panic. Should the rest of us panic?

Victor Martinez returns tomorrow and not a game too soon as the present Red Sox back-up catchers are the worst in baseball. A 50% Martinez is much better than the Cash/Brown combination. Reason to back off the panic button.

Dustin Pedroia’s best case scenario has him returning in about a week. His return also cannot come soon enough. If the Red Sox can somehow tread water for the next week (in other words not get swept by the Angels) and not fall further behind then I believe that you can put off your panicking.

What about Jacoby Ellsbury? Will he ever be right this entire season? Will he ever fulfill his lofty expectations here in Boston? My answers -I don’t know, I don’t think so, and probably not. He has been a very big disappointment this season and would have to put up monstrous numbers upon his return to salvage this season and erase the memory of the longest stint on the DL due to cracked ribs.

-After Saturday night’s error, you will never see Eric Patterson in the outfield again. Why wasn’t Darnell McDonald in?? Where is Daniel Nava..oh yah he’s in Pawtucket (with his .286 major lg batting average)



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