Red Sox showing signs of life

The Red Sox are finally starting to look like a major league team, and even play like one.

Now with only Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury (he’s been out so long does he even count any more?) and Jason Varitek out, the Red Sox have legitimate major leaguers filling in at every position, and it shows (with all due respect to the likes od Daniel Nava and Darnell McDonald who last night played well, again, with 2 hits)

The single biggest difference is at the catchers position. Victor Martinez is back and what a difference.

Now last night, the Red Sox won again because of some major league plays by some major league plays

-Good defense-Jeremy Hermeida throwing out a runners on the basepath, Marco Scutaro throwing out one at home on a good tag by Martinez

-Jed Lowrie (filling in for Pedroia) hitting a big RBI double (courtesy of some shoddy fielding by Angels left fielder Juan Rivera). More shoddy fielding by the Angels gave the Sox an important insurance (unearned) run in the 9th.

-Darnell McDonald had 2 hits in filling in for late scratch JD Drew

-Terry Francona was bailed out for a managing mistake when he got greedy with the overuse of John Lackey, who after pitching very well, tired out and gave up a home run to his final batter in the 8th(to cut the lead to 3-2) when he had thrown over 120 pitches.

Still 5 games back of the Rays for the wild card playoff spot, but the Red Sox are showing signs of life with a lot of baseball (61 game) left.



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