C’mon Kraft, just pay Brady

Patriots Training Camp is now 4 days old and while Logan Mankins is still holding out, Wes Welker is in camp and practicing, tho no contact drills yet.

Tom Brady is in camp, but somewhat like Mankins, is not signed, for next season anyway. So what is taking so long? Oh yah, money, and LOTS of it.

Busisnessman Tom is looking to break the bank and his bargaining power will never be better. He turns 33 on Tuesday and so this will be his last big contract, and he wants to make sure it is indeed big, with lots of money up front in a signing money. How much? How does 20-30 million sound? Considering Brady’s accomplishments and how much rookie quarterbacks are getting (Sam Bradford- 80 million-50 of that guaranteed, over 6 years), that figure is not unreasonable.

I know Kraft can’t write a blank check, but considering Brady took a bit of a hometown discount in his last contract negotiations (60 Million over 6 years) and he restructured that contract to help sign Randy Moss,  it is now time to really cash in, especially now that he’s married to that business tycoon Giselle who settles for No discounts whatsoever. Even if Brady gets what he is asking he still won’t be the biggest money winner in his house.

Brady, on Friday, would not criticize these stalled negotiations or say anything negative about his owner saying that  “expressing personal feelings doesn’t do any good, doesn’t help anybody including the team”, also saying that he “is not going to play games”. The message was clear.

Brady was also asked if he’s like to end his career with the Patriots responding, “that’s what Tedy Bruschi and Troy Brown wanted…”. Yes, Brady would like to stay, but he is much more of a businessman now and he wants to be paid and if he has to go elsewhere to get that money, make no mistake about it, Brady would do exactly that.

C’mon Mr. Kraft, forget about the bath your Patriot Place is taking and pay up or your team will suffer just as mightily.



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