The Big Shamrock

With the addition of Shaq have the Celtics surpassed the Red Sox and the Patriots as the #1 team in New England? Red Sox diehards will immediately shake their heads, but once the Red Sox season is over and the Patriots have lost a couple of games (sorry but that is going to happen), The Celtics and their huge opener against LeBron, Dwyane Wade and the Heat will be THE topic of conversation.

Shaq, at todays introductory press conference, was indeed bigger than life. He said that he is 7-1 and 345 pounds wearing a size 22 shoe. He addressed what he liked as a new nickname- “The Big Shamrock, or maybe even The Big Green Mile”. I must admit that “The Big Green Mile” is clever but it doesn’t quite have the immediate identity to the Celtics as does “The Big Shamrock”. (tho I’m not giving up on “the Big Leprechaun”.)

Everyone knows that Shaq is not going to be dominant on the court, but off the court he is a guy that has learned how to smile, unlike 90-95% of professional athletes (think Red Sox-have you ever seen a more sullen bunch with a few exceptions?). Seriously, what is their not to smile about-making millions of dollars for playing a kids game. Don’t take yourself so darn seriously and Shaq does not which is one of the biggest reasons that he is so popular.

If Shaq wants to (and even if he doesn’t want to) he could easily be the most popular athlete in this town in no time. Sounds unlikely? Trust me. If he can produce just a little, which I have every reason to believe he can, look out. Keep smiling Shaq, everyone can always use a good smile to help uplift their day.



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