Red Sox and Wes Welker

In reverse order. Do not expected Wes Welker to play in tonight’s pre-season opener vs the Saints. In fact I don’t expect him to play in the 2nd pre-season game vs Atlanta and I only expect him to play a couple of series in the 3rd pre-season game. And you know by now that hardly any starters play in the meaningless 4th pre-season game so he definitely won’t play in that one.

Now having said all of that, Wes Welker’s return from surgery is not your normal case/player. But knowing Belichick, and how he treats the pre-season, c’mon, do you honestly think he will put Welker (one of 3 or 4 main keys to a successful season) at risk in an exhibition game?

Now to the Red Sox. The biggest question concerning their hopes for a playoff spot is can Tampa continue to fold?

The Red Sox will continue to play good baseball as their pitching is finally beginning to come around and with Dustin Pedroia returning next Tuesday there is legitimate hope (tho what is with Bill Hall? Hope he can play left field).

Let’s reassess after this week-ends series in Texas against the 1st place Rangers



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