Brady close to contract extension

Tom Brady will get paid, not quite as much (or for as long -he is hoping for a 4 Year deal) as he wanted but don’t shed too many tears for Tom (and Gisele)

Multiple sources have reported that the 33 year old Brady has been offered a 3 year contract extension with the Patriots worth nearly 60 million dollars, beginning next season. Included in that is a signing bonus in the 25-30  million dollar range (paid over a few years).

 The only real surprise to this offer is that it took so long. The Patriots were not going to let Brady become a free agent. The trickiest part of these negotiations concerns the present state of the NFL players labor agreement with the league which is due to expire after this season. That means that most all of the players will not be paid if there is a work stoppage since most players have non-guaranteed contracts. Tom Brady does not fall into that category as his contract, while not fully guaranteed, will in fact guarantee most of that nearly 60 million dollars.

This, obviously, is good news for Patriots fans unless you are Randy Moss and Logan Mankins. Moss is still without a contract extension after this season while  All-Pro guard Logan Mankins doesn’t have a contract for this season and is still holding out . 

More coming up on SportsCenter 5



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