Patriots Panic?

In a word- No, as in no panic.

It’s just one game. Yes, it was a disappointing 2nd half but who really thought the Patriots would dominate the Jets for an entire game, at least control their defense for an entire game?

Having said that, no one expected Tom Brady to turn the ball over 3 times in the 2nd half. That was surprising indeed but should that make you panic? When’s the next time Brady turns it over 3 times in a half? That won’t happen again this season.

The ability, or should I say inability to stop the Jets running game was troubling. That more than anything else needs to be worked on. I am not pessimistic about the Patriots young defensive backs as long as the front 7 can put some kind of pressure on the quarterback.

This is a good week to work on all of that and put their fans at ease with a game against the woeful Buffalo Bills coming up.

And one more thing-pass the ball more to Wes Welker. That alone may be the most troubling stat of the day-2 passes thrown to Welker in the 2nd half and both came in the 1st 5 minutes of the half. Didn’t this guy have 15 catches for 192 yards the last time these 2 teams met? yes, he did.



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