Celtics 1st Practice

The BIG Shamrock era has begun, at least as far as practice goes. So how did he look? We were allowed in for just the last half hour of a 3 hour and 15 minute practice but here are some observations.

-Shaq may be 7’1″ but he just doesn’t dunk much anymore. He lays it up a lot. Now I know that today when I saw him he had already practiced for 2 hours and 45 minutes so obviously he was tired,but don’t expect that many rim rattling dunks. Doc Rivers did tell me that he thought Shaq looked great.

-Kevin Garnett looks good. Nice to see him not dragging his leg like he so often did last year. Now KG is 34 years old and is entering his 16th season but for having played that many minutes, he looks good (and he still dunks, a lot).

-Rondo is becoming more and more of a leader. He doesn’t take any guff from anyone. Kg and Paul Pierce (and Doc can sometimes) can get thru to him when they need to but I think he feels like he is the captain of this team. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is to be playing with 4 future hall of famers.

-Delonte West is going to be the surprise of this team. He is the toughest player on this team and he will be called upon to defend Kobe and Dwayne Wade and even Lebron. You can’t help but to root for this guy who has had some serious issues dealing from a personality disorder. This is the perfect place for him. A Great signing!

Less than a month until opening night against the Heat.



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