Are these the real Patriots?

Bill Belichick hopes these are the real Patriots, growing up before his very eyes. When was the last time you saw Belichick that excited after a game? His last Super Bowl win?

Belichick knows that his special teams are not going to score 2 TD’s and set up another on a regular basis but he would like to see his defense continue to create turnovers like they did against the Dolphins. That, as we saw from the Super Bowl winning teams, is critical to a real playoff team.

So has Belichick found his defensive playmaker or two in Rob Ninkovitch and Patrick Chung? It is only one game but it’s a legitimate start which gives Patriots fans reason to think big.

And then there is the fact that the Patriots won by 27 points with Tom Brady throwing just 1 touchdown pass, Randy Moss not catching one pass and 5 foot 7 inch Danny Woodhead as the Patriots 2nd most active running back. Who would have thought?

And remember, after everything, this is a quarterback driven league and while Brady last night was not extraordinary, he did not turn the ball over while Miami’s Chad Henne had 3 interceptions. That is why Miami is not a serious threat and the Patriots, while Tom Brady is playing, will always be.

It’s now 2 weeks of Bill Belichick downplaying this win and getting ready for Baltimore. It’s going to be a fun and restful bye week, a well deserved bye week.



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