Welcome to the new and improved SportsCenter 5 Overtime blog.  This blog is an extension of SportsCenter 5, and more importantly, SportsCenter 5 OT, our weekly in-depth show on Sunday nights at 11:25.

We’ll be posting breaking sports news, our thoughts about the hot sports topics of the day, keep running game blogs,  and share more information about the feature pieces we do each week.

So check back often, and thanks for reading (and watching)!

Scott Isaacs
Executive Producer, SportsCenter 5


2 Responses

  1. New England Revolution Soccer is really great. They are in first place of Eastern division of the MLS. On Sept.28th they are having a Special Olympic of Mass night @ Gillette Stadium vs. Columbus Crew!!!

    Please come out and root the guys on two victory & champion cup of the MLS 2008!!


  2. Can I just say that I am sick to DEATH of all the hubbub about Tom Brady? I’ve seen recent sports reports on Ch. 5 in which baseball and the Red Sox weren’t even mentioned!

    Hey, it’s BASEBALL SEASON! The Patriots don’t take the field until September. Can you please focus on baseball until then?

    I do understand that you carry some Pats games and not the Sox, but please play fair! And besides, most of this blather isn’t even about football, it’s just celebrity gazing. IMO, that’s not what sports reporting is all about — at least not to this extent!

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