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Good news and Bad
May 6, 2010

Really, who, less than a month ago would have, could have possibly thought that the Bruins would be where they are today, just 1 win away from a trip to the NHL’s Final 4.

A month ago the Bruins were life and death for the 8th and final playoff spot and now they are a win away from NHL’s Eastern Conference Finals, a series away from the Stanley Cup Finals. From the outhouse to the penthouse. So how did they do it?

No superstars but just a bunch of players making clutch contributions including David Krejci. Here is where the bad news rears it’s ugly head, again. Just one game after losing leading goal scorer Marco Sturm to a torn ACL and MCL, Krejci exists the playoffs with a broken wrist.

Now the Bruins did just get Marc Savard back from his grade 2 concussion and tough guy Mark Stuart and is infected finger which caused an unusual bone infection are very very close to  returning. Expect him back for the Pittsburgh Series (Yes, unfortunately,I expect the Penguins to take care of business against the Canadiens but hopefully Montreal can wear then out a little).

So can the Bruins continue to get late clutch goals from unexpected sources to continue this unexpected ride? Why not?  Most all of New England will now be staying tuned.



What a night!!!!
May 4, 2010

Rasheed Wallace scores 17 points? The offensively challenged Red Sox score 17 runs? The Bruins Milan Lucic, who hadn’t scored a goal in nearly a month and a half, scored the game winner with less than 3 minutes left?

All true! And all nearly unbelievable. OK, Lucic is believable, but The Red Sox and Rasheed? C’mon. It’s got to be a night remembered for a long, long time. And All 3 games were on national television so it was a night for New Englanders nation wide to unite.

Rasheed Wallace, who all season long has been a bust, stepped up big time, Finally, to help the Celtics get out to a 25 point lead at Cleveland on their way to an 18 point win over LeBron and the Cavs.

The Red Sox scored more runs in Monday nights win than they had scored in their last 5 games combined. This could be exactly what gets the Red Sox going. At the very least it got Mike Lowell, whose 4 hits raised his average 78 points, and LD Drew, who raised his about 30 points, going.

The Red Sox play again on Tuesday night. The Bruins play again on Wednesday night but on Friday night all 3 teams again play on the same night with the Celtics at home against the Cavs. What can these 3 teams possibly do for an encore. You can bet New Englanders everywhere will be watching.


Bruins GM quietly smiling
April 27, 2010

No member of the Bruins organization took more heat this past season for the up and down play of the team than General manager Peter Chiarelli. He traded the teams only real sniper in Phil Kessel. He didn’t pull off the big deal at the trading deadline. Injuries didn’t help as the team was on the verge of not making the playoffs….But he did make a relatively under the radar minor deal signing Miroslav Satan who was basically out of hockey after last year helping the Penguins win a Stanley Cup.

The signing of Satan this past January, at the time, didn’t excite too many people, until this past week. All Satan did was score the winning goal in double overtime last Wednesday and then last night score the series clinching goal. Not bad. Somewhere Chiarelli has a big big grin. He won’t step forward and say I told you so but that deal to bring Satan here has proven to be a pretty big deal, at least in the past week in the playoffs when it counts most.

Can the Bruins win another playoff series? Not many people are giving them a chance against Pittsburgh. But what if Montreal upsets Washington? Then the Bruins would face Philadelphia which had a worse regular season record than the Bruins …For now enjoy the playoff run because in hockey you never really know what can or will happen.


Cheap hit on Savard -black eye on Many
March 9, 2010

The health of the Bruins Marc Savard is undeniably 1st and foremost as we discuss the cheap shot he took in Sundays game, but there are going to be many long-term effects here.

Savard, suffering a grade 2 concussion, is going to be out of the line-up for a while, probably a few weeks, at least. That is a bad hit to the Bruins but the playoffs are still 5-6 weeks away so the best case scenario for the team is that he misses just a few weeks.

Now, what is he NHL waiting for in suspending Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke? Really, do they need more time to look at the replays? It’s been nearly 2 days. The NHL’s ineptness never ceases to amaze.

And the other aspect of this incident is where was the retaliation? Are you kidding? Bruins alumni everywhere are shaking their heads. It’s a disgrace to the Bruins sweater. I know they were trying to win the game but a hit like this and the absence of retaliation has long-term ramifications. This could haunt this team. They don’t have each others backs? That is something you never want questioned in a hockey locker room. While many may try to move on, to many more this piece of this unfortunate incident will not go away for quite some time.


What will happen with Celtics and Bruins?
March 2, 2010

Who can possibly explain what happened to the Celtics last Saturday against the lowly Nets? Embarrassing, humiliating, Shocking. Simply unbelievable. So what now?

Tonight they are in Detroit without their toughest player-Kendrick Perkins. That is NOT good because that quality is exactly what the Celtics seem to be lacking the most. Whether it is physical toughness or mental toughness, it is just not there.

They have 25 games left and the way they are playing they will be eliminated from the playoffs in the 1st round. I expect them to come back. How far back is the $64,000.00 question. Start to show us tonight Celtics or prepare for the worst.

And what about the Bruins, who tonight against the Montreal Canadiens, will have their 6 Olympians back. Now, they won’t all play-Tim Thomas will watch while Patrice Bergeron is still nursing a slightly pulled groin, but B’s coach Claude Julien hopes that his team will pick up right where they left off before the break when they won their last 4 games. And Julien hopes that David Krecji will pick up where he left off in the Olympics where, arguably, he was the Czeck Republic’s best player.

Bergeron and Thomas will show off their medals before tonight’s game. Bruins fans hope that the rest of the team can show off their mettle to start this final 22 game run off on the right foot.


Nine? Nein!
February 5, 2010

Ridiculous. How else can you explain this Bruins losing streak. 9 Straight losses? Being bad alone can not produce 9 straight losses. In hockey you can almost back your way into a win, now and then anyway. But you have to score, more than one goal.

It’s now been over 3 weeks since the Bruins last won a game. 3 weeks! While a lot of Bruins fans are at wit’s end with their team, dealing with this team on a regular basis makes you a little more empathetic. Hockey players have always been the least spoiled and most respectful and well-mannered athletes to deal with. These Bruins are no different. They are trying, they just can’t score, or at least they can’t score enough.

Saturday afternoon the task of breaking the streak doesn’t get any easier as the Vancouver Canucks make their only Boston appearance of the year. The Canucks presently hold the 3rd best record in the Western Conference.  The Bruins have not won a game at the Garden this calendar year. 0-8. Ouch. The Madness must stop, it has to stop…hopefully, for the Bruins and their faithful fans.


Brady and the Bruins
January 25, 2010

Tom Brady made an appearance this afternoon at the Tobin Community Center in Boston to deliver a check for $30,000. on behalf of Smart Water because they agreed to donate $5,000. for every game Brady was not sacked

Brady told us that none of his injuries (finger, knee, shoulder) would require surgery. He also told us that he watched the 2 Conference championship games but would not commit to picking a winner. He did say that both the Saints and the Colts deserve to be there because they play so tough.

I also took a trip this morning to the Bruins practice, the slumping Bruins practice. They appear a bit rudderless, looking for a break and a win. I think they will turn it around. They are not nearly as bad as they have been playing recently. Marc Savard was back practicing and his return to the line-up on Friday night at Buffalo should help. But will it help enough to give them a win against a pretty good Sabres team.


Garden Jinx over and Colts-Saints
January 25, 2010

Finally, the Celtics friday night ended the garden losing streak (barely-overtime win) that had extended to 8 straight losses including all local teams. Unfortunately The Bruins began another one on Saturday with their 5th straight home loss but the Blazers(Lacrosse) reversed it on Saturday night with their 1st home win of the year. The Celtics can extend that to 2 straight tonight against the Clippers.

Super Bowl 44- Peyton Manning against Drew Brees. Love Drew Brees but you cannot deny Manning’s greatness (in case you forgot he has won 4 MVP’s)…have to think about this one for a little while and will give you my thoughts as the big game approaches.


Garden Jinx II
January 22, 2010

With the Bruins loss last night, let’s now count up where the Garden losing streak stands. Let’s see, that’s 4 straight losses at home for the Bruins, 3 straight for the Celtics, 1 for Boston’s entry in the MLL-the Blazers.

Now we could take this a step further. You could include all local teams in local venues, so throw in the Patriots home playoff loss AND the Redox last playoff loss at Fenway, that’s 10 straight losses by home teams in local venues.

The local teams just can not be this bad, can they? Are local fans just not bringing it like they used to to give the teams the home court advantage they deserve? Or is the solution as simple as just playing a little better and a little harder?

The Celtics tonight have a chance to put an end to this losing streak when they host the Portland Trailblazers. But This will be no easy task as the Trailblazers have the 5th best record in the West. But tonight should mark the return of Kevin Garnett who has missed the Celtics last 10 games. Is putting an end to this losing streak as easy as adding arguably the most intense and competitive player in his sport? We’ll see .


Garden Jinx
January 18, 2010

What has happened to Boston’s previously impenetrable “home court/ice advantage” of Boston Garden. All of a sudden our home town teams are losing in front of their home town fans. Have the fans gotten soft? Is the Garden just not that intimidating of a place anymore?

Monday was supposed to be a great day at the Garden, instead it was double disappointment. Maybe we should have figured it out early by the way the Bruins started off in the afternoon.

The start to the Bruins game was so bad that B’s Goalie Tim Thomas, who had beaten The Ottawa Senators 11 straight times, was pulled midway thru the 2nd period after falling behind 3-0 on just 9 shots. Tukka Rask proceeded to give up a 4th goal just a few minutes later. Ouch.

Unfortunately the Celtics followed suit but it took them a little longer as they actually led at halftime. Rasheed Wallace was supposed to help the Celtics recent home slide but he  couldn’t guard the Mavericks Dirk Nowitski who had 37 points on the way to a 99-90 Dallas win. That is 3 straight home losses for the Celtics. Their record on the road is better than it is at the Garden. Red Auerbach is turning over in his grave, and probably yelling as well.

The Celtics next home game is Friday night against the Portland Trailblazers. Will playing at the Garden be enough to propel the Celtics to a win? Ugh, who would have ever thought it would come to this? All of a sudden we’ve been reduced to the fates and fortunes of other cities? Just like other cities?- Please, say it isn’t so.