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Heat “Overrated”
October 27, 2010

“Over rated ” was the cheer heard multiple times toward the end of the Celtics Season opening 88-80 win over the much ballyhooed Miami Heat. Celtics fans were right, for one night anyway.

The Heat, more specifically their “Big 3” looked like they had never played before. While they had only played 3 plus minutes together during this preseason, they had played a lot together in international competition over the last few years (when they colluded to join forces). But in their opener as heat teammates LeBron and Wade combined for 14 turnovers, and Wade missed 12 of his 16 shots. He is definitely out of game shape having only played 3 plus minutes during the pre season.

So what do we make of all this? Wait 4 weeks until November 11th when the Celtics visit Miami for their 2nd game. Each team will have 8 games under their belt which should be sufficient time and experience for Miami’s big 3 to get used to each other. And ,oh yah, it should also be enough time for Shaq to get more used to his new team and for Jermaine O’Neal to get into some kind of game shape.

And then there is the teams 3rd meeting in the 53rd game of the year on Feb 13, when Delonte West will be adjusted to his new Celtics team.



Celtics 1st Practice
September 28, 2010

The BIG Shamrock era has begun, at least as far as practice goes. So how did he look? We were allowed in for just the last half hour of a 3 hour and 15 minute practice but here are some observations.

-Shaq may be 7’1″ but he just doesn’t dunk much anymore. He lays it up a lot. Now I know that today when I saw him he had already practiced for 2 hours and 45 minutes so obviously he was tired,but don’t expect that many rim rattling dunks. Doc Rivers did tell me that he thought Shaq looked great.

-Kevin Garnett looks good. Nice to see him not dragging his leg like he so often did last year. Now KG is 34 years old and is entering his 16th season but for having played that many minutes, he looks good (and he still dunks, a lot).

-Rondo is becoming more and more of a leader. He doesn’t take any guff from anyone. Kg and Paul Pierce (and Doc can sometimes) can get thru to him when they need to but I think he feels like he is the captain of this team. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is to be playing with 4 future hall of famers.

-Delonte West is going to be the surprise of this team. He is the toughest player on this team and he will be called upon to defend Kobe and Dwayne Wade and even Lebron. You can’t help but to root for this guy who has had some serious issues dealing from a personality disorder. This is the perfect place for him. A Great signing!

Less than a month until opening night against the Heat.


Red Sox done, Patriots ready? Celtics #1?
September 6, 2010

The Red Sox being done is not exactly new (or news). I know they are not mathematically eliminated at 7 1/2 games back with 25 games left including 3 with the Tampa Rays beginning tonight. It would be like the Red Sox to sweep the Rays just to tease us a little longer. Don’t hold your breath. This half Red Sox, half Pawtucket team couldn’t sweep any team…..and is anybody else getting tired of Jonathon Papelbon’s act? Maybe he should close his mouth instead of that supposed intimidating facial expression. It ISN’T working.

Now to the Patriots, who should score a lot of points and be pretty exciting offensively. Unfortunately, so should most of their opponents. That is going to be very frustrating. You’ll have a chance to get used to this on opening day-this Sunday when the Pats host the Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and the Cincinnati Bengals. This may be Bill Belichick’s biggest test to see if he can make  a playmaker out of all of these young defensive players. Bill, you’d better try to keep the opposing offenses guessing with a lot of different looks because Bruschi, Vrabel, and Harrison are not walking thru that door, at least not to play.

The Celtics report to training Camp later this month and could they possibly return as the #1 attraction in town? Their games may be must see events like the Red Sox had Manny and Pedro. Shaq is not the Shaq of a few years ago but who doesn’t want to see him perform in a Celtics uniform? It is going to be fun, real fun.

And don’t forget the Bruins who also start their training camp in just a few weeks. They are going to be good. Let’s hope they can also be entertaining. Their new rookie Taylor Seguin will attract alot of fans. Hopefully his game will do the same.


The Big Shamrock
August 10, 2010

With the addition of Shaq have the Celtics surpassed the Red Sox and the Patriots as the #1 team in New England? Red Sox diehards will immediately shake their heads, but once the Red Sox season is over and the Patriots have lost a couple of games (sorry but that is going to happen), The Celtics and their huge opener against LeBron, Dwyane Wade and the Heat will be THE topic of conversation.

Shaq, at todays introductory press conference, was indeed bigger than life. He said that he is 7-1 and 345 pounds wearing a size 22 shoe. He addressed what he liked as a new nickname- “The Big Shamrock, or maybe even The Big Green Mile”. I must admit that “The Big Green Mile” is clever but it doesn’t quite have the immediate identity to the Celtics as does “The Big Shamrock”. (tho I’m not giving up on “the Big Leprechaun”.)

Everyone knows that Shaq is not going to be dominant on the court, but off the court he is a guy that has learned how to smile, unlike 90-95% of professional athletes (think Red Sox-have you ever seen a more sullen bunch with a few exceptions?). Seriously, what is their not to smile about-making millions of dollars for playing a kids game. Don’t take yourself so darn seriously and Shaq does not which is one of the biggest reasons that he is so popular.

If Shaq wants to (and even if he doesn’t want to) he could easily be the most popular athlete in this town in no time. Sounds unlikely? Trust me. If he can produce just a little, which I have every reason to believe he can, look out. Keep smiling Shaq, everyone can always use a good smile to help uplift their day.


Shaq Needs A Nickname
August 5, 2010

Well, not really. He’s already got like 50 of them.

But if you caught sports at 11, you heard Lynchie put out the call for new nicknames for the newest Celtic Shaquille O’Neal. Dowling is pitching “The Big Hub-Ub.” I am partial to “The Big Leprechaun.”

Do you guys have any ideas? Comment here, or email us at

We may use your nickname on the air tomorrow at 6. If we find “the one” we’ll mention it to Shaq when he’s introduced Tuesday.

Shaq- The Big Hub-ub
August 3, 2010

Shaquille O’Neal and the Celtics have come to an agreement on terms for a contract to bring “The Diesel or Shaq-Diesel here to Boston.

Shaq has been known as “The Big Aristotle”, “The Big Maravich”, and “The Big Cactus” but now that Shaq is coming to the Hub, he should now be known as “The Big Hub-ub”, though our sports producer Scott Isaacs’ nomination of “The Big Leprechaun” is a pretty good one as well.

Shaq averaged 12 pts and 7 rebounds in the 23 minutes per game he played last year. He played 53 games last year. Next season all that would be needed from the 350 pound 18 year veteran is 8-10 pts and 5-6 rebounds/gm. And then there is the off the court activities!?

Shaq and Big Baby! and Nate Robinson! It could be the highest rated sitcom going. Shaq can’t get here soon enough. And oh by the way yes, he will help this team win too. A better show than even those young cocky upstarts playing in Miami. Opening night against the Heat is less than 3 months away.


LeBron, Jermaine and Jacoby, and Rasheed
July 10, 2010

Can we please move on from this LeBron thing? right after I make one more observation.

I hope the Celtics got a copy of Miami’s introductory love fest at American Airlines arena. LeBron declaring that 60 something Pat Riley could play along side their 3 all-stars (I refuse to ever call them the Big 3, or “The Trinity”, which is downright blasphemous).

And then Dwyane declaring that this is the collection of the 3 best players ever to play together. How about KG, Pierce and Ray Allen? OK, how about Bird, McHale and Parrish, or Magic, Kareem and Worthy? And the media is blamed (many times correctly) for excessive hyperbole?

Now to Jermaine O’Neal, previously called by many as the tin man (for his lack of heart). 2 of O’Neal’s main problems were that 1) he was grossly overpaid (at 23 Mill per year last season!!!) AND 2) he never had the talent to be your legitimate #1, #2 of even a #3 best player. Here with the celtics he will be the 5th or 6th of maybe even 7th best player. That he will be able to handle and should make him more successful.

Jacoby Ellsbury. He read from notes to explain his working out in Arizona rather than being with his team. C’mon Jacoby-you’re almost 27 years old years old. I know you’re just a baseball player but can’t you at least act like a semi-mature man with thoughts of your own? Notes?

Rasheed Wallace is retired. It’s official. You heard it here 1st.


Celtics Big 3 are back
July 7, 2010

SportsCenter 5 has just learned that The Celtics and Ray Allen have agreed on a 2 year contract worth 20 million dollars giving Doc Rivers at least one more chance to win it all with the Big 3.

Allen’s signing follows Paul Pierce’s agreement to a 4 year contract worth over 61 million dollars which represents somewhat of a hometown discount considering Dirk Nowitsky just signed a 4 year deal worth 80 million dollars.

Kevin Garnett has 2 more years on his contract so if Ray Allen does not opt out of his contract after this next season, the Big 3 will have at least 2 more shots at winning it all.

Now it’s time to find a big body to fill in for Kendrick Perkins while he rehabs from major knee surgery. Shaq? -I don’t think so- he is the anti-Garnett, on the (fat) lazy side. Not that Rasheed wasn’t pretty much the same but Rasheed wore on Doc and most everyone else on the team so I don’t know how much patience Doc and the Celtics have to put up with another one of those.


Pierce-Staying or going?
June 30, 2010

As Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge told SportsCenter 5 on Sports OT last Sunday night the Celtics are not surprised at all that Paul Pierce has decided to opt out of the final year of his 21.5 million dollar. With the millions of dollars (as in cap space) cleared out by teams with the possibility of signing Lebron James, Dewayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, amongst a few others, Pierce’s move was expected. Ainge told us last week that Pierce’s situation was one of the 1st 3 situations he had to address this week.

So is Pierce gone? That depends on Pierce who has claimed that he wants to end his career. We’ll see exactly how loyal he really is compared to how greedy he is.

The Celtics will not break the bank for Pierce (they can pay him as much as 96 million over the next 4 years). Pierce will be 33 years old in October. He has played 12 seasons and 985 games. His career clearly is not on the upswing. He is still a valuable commodity but Celtics management will not allow Pierce’s demands to handcuff the franchise’s financial flexibility.

So will Pierce really leave the team who drafted him, stood by him thru his stabbing incident and with whom he won a championship? That depends solely on his ego.

Will/can he get bigger offers from other teams? Yes, as in New York and New jersey who will probably lose out on the big 3 or 4 free agents. Is money alone going to be the deciding factor  in Pierce’s decision? We’ll soon find out exactly how loyal Pierce is. I have my doubts because I know how much money means to these guys even with all of the money they have already made. Pierce has already pocketed about 100 million dollars (60 million in the last 3 years alone). Really, how much more do you need? We’ll find out in the next week or 2


Live in LA
June 16, 2010

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