Moss and Vikes win, Branch and Pats win big
October 19, 2010

Much has been made of Deion Branch’s succesful return (9 catches, 98 yards, 1 TD) to New England. But what about Randy Moss’s return to the Metrodome in Minnesota?

Have you ever seen how quickly we became uninterested in a former local pro athlete,  just a week and half after he left town? For those few of you keeping score at home you know that Moss caught 5 passes for 55 yards and no touchdowns in the Vikes win over the Cowboys. How was his reception back to Minnesota? Who cares which goes to show you how little Moss really connected with the New England fandom, sealed by wearing his headphones at the Patriots gala where Moss sat at a table with high paying fans only to keep his headphones on the whole time.

Bring on the Chargers. For Moss and the Vikes-they play….who cares?