Deion Branch is no Randy Moss, thank goodness
October 12, 2010

One of the 1st points that Deion Branch made at todays presser was that he is not Randy Moss and is not back in New England to replace Randy Moss. Thank Goodness.

After 4 plus years away from New England, we forget how soft spoken, friendly and polite Deion Branch is. No, he is certainly not Randy Moss.

Now, in full disclosure, I like Randy Moss. I do not condone some of his boorish behaviour but ,while it is not an excuse for his behaviour, he has turned into a product of our system which spoils and worships pro athletes. People like Moss just take advantage.

Moss grew up in West Virginia and he was spoiled before he knew how to handle it. Unlike many athletes he is honest, sometimes brutally honest. I like that because it can be so refreshing. What he said At his post game presser after the opening game was not inaccurate, just poor timing after Wes Welker’s triumphant return.

Back to Deion Branch. He is not Randy Moss but he is going to be a good addition to this team, on and off the field. As much off the field as on as Branch is right out of Robert Kraft’s central casting for a representative of the Kraft’s Team.

If the Patriots can get a little production on the field out of Branch, which I believe they can, this could turn out to be a vital acquisition.