Unfortunately, It was bound to happen
May 14, 2009

This past Tuesday and Sunday we enjoyed the fruits of 3 wins by our 3 Pro teams. The odds of this happening yet again were just too high.

Guess we could blame the Red Sox. They started this bad Karma day with a loss, and like the Celtics and Bruins- they should have won, leaving 17 runners on base (Big Papi 0-7 stranded 8  of them, 12 overall when not ending an inning).

The Celtics showed alot of grit, for 3 1/2 quarters anyway. (I should probably qualify that by saying Rondo and Perkins showed alot of grit- their teammates just did not do their part or they would have won) . The last 6 minutes the Celtics tired looking fatigued, making some poor decisions which turned into missed shots or turnovers.

Then their was the most important game of the day, which would not end. The Bruins going into overtime in their game 7 against Carolina after coming from behind to tie it at 2 on a late goal by Milan Lucic. Would the Bruins avoid a costly mistake and get the one break that not only wins a game but ends up winning the series? Could Tim Thomas prevent a loss? He made one big save 30 seconds into overtime. All you can really hope for is that a real fluky goal does not cost the Bruins the series.

It wasn’t a fluky goal as much as it was a fluky person- the series villain¬† Scott Walker who scored the game winner (his 1st playoff goal this year in 14 games) with just 1:14 remaining in the 1st overtime period and all of a sudden the Bruins season is over, losing 3-2 in overtime in the 7th and deciding game.