What a night!!!!
May 4, 2010

Rasheed Wallace scores 17 points? The offensively challenged Red Sox score 17 runs? The Bruins Milan Lucic, who hadn’t scored a goal in nearly a month and a half, scored the game winner with less than 3 minutes left?

All true! And all nearly unbelievable. OK, Lucic is believable, but The Red Sox and Rasheed? C’mon. It’s got to be a night remembered for a long, long time. And All 3 games were on national television so it was a night for New Englanders nation wide to unite.

Rasheed Wallace, who all season long has been a bust, stepped up big time, Finally, to help the Celtics get out to a 25 point lead at Cleveland on their way to an 18 point win over LeBron and the Cavs.

The Red Sox scored more runs in Monday nights win than they had scored in their last 5 games combined. This could be exactly what gets the Red Sox going. At the very least it got Mike Lowell, whose 4 hits raised his average 78 points, and LD Drew, who raised his about 30 points, going.

The Red Sox play again on Tuesday night. The Bruins play again on Wednesday night but on Friday night all 3 teams again play on the same night with the Celtics at home against the Cavs. What can these 3 teams possibly do for an encore. You can bet New Englanders everywhere will be watching.



Winter Classic Is Here
January 1, 2010

On the surface, this is just another regular season hockey game. But having spent a few days down at winterized Fenway now, I can tell you that the NHL is treating this like the World Series. Dare I say, a bigger deal than the Stanley Cup? Maybe that’s my local bias coming through. But we’re going on three weeks of media availabilities, hockey games, open skates, etc. and the visual of hockey being played in Fenway Park is just too much to resist. The players are excited, I’m excited, the NHL is very excited, so this should be quite a show!

You can check out the slideshow, which I will be updating throughout the day, here.

And we’ll be doing something of a live tweet (to be honest, it depends on how well my iPhone handles the conditions – touchscreens don’t like driving snowstorms, as I learned yesterday!) on Twitter – just follow @SportsCenter5 or click here.

October 16, 2009

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and calls about the ridiculous goal scored by 9-year-old Oliver Wahlstrom Monday in the Bruins famous “Mini 1-on-1” shootouts that entertain fans at halftime.

Oliver playes for the Portland Junior Pirates in Maine. The competition won’t start airing until October 29, but the Bruins have posted the video online.

Click here to check it out!

Looking for 3rd straight Hat Trick, and when they will play next
May 14, 2009

Thursday night the 3 local teams will try to make it 3 times in a row that they have won 3 games on the same night.

The Bruins 7th game against Carolina tops the list. There is nothing like the anticipation and excitement of a deciding 7th game and when it is at the Garden-you’ve got to like the home team especially when they come in with the momentum and knowledge of having outplayed the Hurricanes the last 2 games.   –The Eastern conference Finals against Pittsburgh will probably start on Monday night at the Garden.

The Celtics game #6 task is much tougher playing in Orlando, but if the C’s can pull it off they will start the Eastern Conference Finals Monday night in Cleveland with game 2 on wednesday night and games 3 and 4 back here in Boston on Friday and Sunday nights.

If the Celtics-Orlando series goes to a 7th game on Sunday night, the Eastern Conference Finals will begin in Cleveland with games 1 & 2 on Wednesday and Friday nights with games 3 and 4 back here in Boston next Sunday and Tuesday nights.

And last but 1st on the schedule this day- the Red Sox sending Brad Penney to the mound Thursday afternoon in Anaheim trying to start off  the 3rd straight Hat Trick of wins for Boston’s teams in one calender day.

Led the madness begin with the Celtics at 7pm followed by the Bruins at 8pm and the Red Sox at 10pm eastern time.


This Is Cool
May 3, 2009

Here at Game 2 of the Bruins-Carolina series and I notice the Bruins have added a cool new tradition since the first round (when last I attended a game).

Before the introduction of the starting lineups, the PA blares “Lose Yourself” by Eminem and a massive Bruins flag is tossed into the crowd by the Zamboni entrance. The fans then pass the flag all the way around the arena, letting out a huge roar when it makes it way home. A fancy “wave” if you will.


Bruins Encourage Playoff Beard Growth
April 10, 2009

From a team press release:

BOSTON, MA – Beginning Thursday, April 9 the Boston Bruins are inviting fans to grow their own playoff beards to support the B’s during their playoff run by kicking-off the “Bruins Beard-A-Thon” on bostonbruins.com, the team’s official website. The 2009 “Bruins Beard-A-Thon” gives Bruins fans the opportunity to show their support
for the team and raise money for the Boston Bruins Foundation.

The hockey playoff beard is an age-old tradition for players participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fans can join in on the tradition by “growing one for the team” and inviting family, friends and business associates to pledge their playoff beards to raise money for
the Boston Bruins Foundation.

Fans can create their “Bruins Beard-A-Thon” profile by uploading their
photo at bostonbruins.com. Participants can choose to grow their own
beard and update their growth throughout the playoffs or they can grow
their beard virtually by choosing the ‘Build-A-Beard’ option, giving
women and children an opportunity to get involved.

Beard growers may pledge themselves by making a donation and their friends and family may also pledge their efforts. Donations can be made in two ways, a one-time pledge (minimum $10) or a daily pledge (minimum $0.50/day). Throughout the playoffs, fans will have the opportunity to win tickets if their beard is voted the best on BostonBruins.com. At the end of the contest there will be various prizes for the best and worst beards as well as a prize for most money raised.

Bruins, Red Sox, etc
April 3, 2009

With last night’s 2-1 win as more evidence, the Bruins, after a 2-3 week slump,  appear to be regaining their game at just the right time with the playoffs just 2 weeks away. This can only signal entertaining and energetic times ahead for New Englanders.

Many of you are too young to remember when the Bruins owned this town, but there are Bruins fans everywhere ready to erupt and once again take control of this region. The best example of this diehard Bruins fandom was last year when the Bruins beat the Canadiens in game 6 of their playoff series (in one of the best hockey games in this area in 30 years) and people were honking their car horns outside of the garden like their team had just won it all.

If anyone group deserves a chance to celebrate with their team, it is Bruins fans. A trip deep into the playoffs should give then exactly that and with 5 wins in a row the Bruins have virtually assured themselves of home ice throughout the playoffs, at least thru the Eastern Conference.

Red Sox- We are now just 3 days away from opening day (well, the scheduled opening day since weather forecasts are not very promising for Monday).  Opening day itself is a bit overrated except that it is another major sign that spring and summer and warmer temperatures are close.

Yesterday I took a quick tour of Fenway and while there are no major differences, I’ve got to say that the resealing, resurfacing of the area beind home plate from dugout to dugout gives Fenway a much needed cleaner newer look. Now what about the team?

If this team can avoid major injuries, they should be able to navigate their way to the playoffs. Theo Epstein has effectively built this team for the playoffs with 3 tremendous starting pitchers in Josh Becket, Daisuke and Jon Lester, along with insurance in Brad Penny and John Smoltz. This alone should give Red Sox fans optimism for another fun summer extending into October.

Celtics- Just 2 1/2 weeks until the real season, the playoffs, begins. And it cannot get here soon enough. It’s a great time to be a sports fan here in New England.

Rondo is back, Bruins, and Greatest College game ever?
March 13, 2009

Rajon Rondo just pronounced himself into tonight’s line-up against Memphis even tho Doc Rivers had minutes before said that Rondo is “probable”. Rondo told me that while he is not 100%, nobody else is either and he feels good enough to play. He said that he feels better than he did when he finished last Friday’s game against the Cavaliers after he had sprained his ankle earlier in that game.

Rondo’s insertion into tonight’s line-up will be a big boost to the Celts who are still waiting for the return of Glen Davis who will be another 2 games, Kevin Garnett who may be another 3, Brian Scalabrine who will be another 2 weeks and Tony Allen who will return soon after that.

A much needed win by the Bruins Thursday night should coax some of the die hard B’s fans off the Tobin Bridge (and off hold on the talk radio phone lines), but… it would have been nicer to see the Bruins thoroughly overwhelm Ottawa for the entire 60 minutes.  But as Shawn Thornton said before the game “let’s even grind out some ugly wins if that’s what it takes to get us back on the winnig track”.

Now, only the true (sick?) fans (me) stayed up for last night’s epic 6 overtime game between UConn and Syracuse. After a near classic finish in regulation that saw a winning Syracuse hoop at the buzzer disallowed as it was shot a tenth of a second late. After that, anything and everything went thur 6 overtimes.

Quite frankly, as the game went on, I was not surprised to see it continue and continue thru overtime after overtime. It was that type of game. After not trailing for the last 8:24 of regulation, Syracuse never led thru the 1st 5 overtimes. Not Once. That’s over 25 minutes of trailing or being tied, which is exactly what they were after regulation and 5 straight overtimes.

We will have more on this tonight at 6 as well. …and not that I am a betting man but if i was, I think I’d put the house on West Virginia over Syracuse.