Buchholz Called up-6 man rotation
July 12, 2009

Terry Francona just announced that Clay Buchholz will be called up after the all-star break and will start the Red Sox next game Friday night in Toronto. So who is out of the rotation?-Nobody (unless you count Daisuke) . The Red Sox will start the 2nd half of the season with a 6 man rotation.

Since Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield are going to the All-Star game and will in likelihood pitch at least one inning- they will be given the most rest over the break. After Buchholz on Friday night, Brad Penny and Jon Lester will also pitch in Toronto to be followed by John Smoltz, Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield in Texas the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

At first glance Tim Wakefield gets ,by far, the biggest break -14 days- in between starts. That could raise some questions as to why you would give Wakefield, who has had his best start ever, such a long rest.  Then again Wakefield is about to celebrate his 43rd birthday at the beginning of August and he is most likely to pitch more than Beckett in the All-Star game on Tuesday so his next start will be 8 days after the All-Star game.

This should quench Buchholz’s thirst to get called up and get a start in the majors after his successful year so far at Pawtucket. After his 1st start next friday night, depending on what kind of success he enjoys, another decision will be made. It’s a good situation to have -having to make a decision to narrow 6 good pitchers to a more workable rotation of just 5 pitchers.