Thank you San Diego
October 25, 2010

Everyone loves to visit San Diego, for its weather, for its hospitality, but yesterday it’s football team went overboard. The Chargers handed the ball over to the Patriots 4 times in the 1st half and that would be enough to send the Patriots back to New England with a win.

And to make matters worse (for Chargers fans) is that the 4 San Diego turnovers were just your run of the mill turnovers. There was a brain lock turnover fumble or 2, like laying the ball down on the ground after a Charger fell but was not touched/tackled which means it was a free ball and the Patriots James Sanders Alertly jumped on it. There was also a controversial lateral (which really could have been ruled as a forward incomplete pass)¬† that the Chargers didn’t fall on, and for that matter neither did the Patriots initially until some vociferous coaching resulting in a 63 yard return by Rob Ninkovich setting up a field goal.

The bottom line is that the Chargers outgained the Patriots offensively and outplayed them defensively. But the turnovers, the Chargers gifts to Patriots  to go along with the perfect weather sent New Englanders home happy and anxious to return to one of the best cities in the world.