Randy Moss-Gone
October 5, 2010

Once the news of Randy Moss trade talks leaked out (SportsCenter 5 learned about it at 6:40pm) Moss could begin packing his bags because there is no way he would put on a Patriots uniform again. He would be a distraction that Bill Belichick would not put up with.

I don’t necessarily agree with trading Moss because I don’t know who the Patriots will get in return from the Minnesota Vikings when the deal is finalized. In all likelihood the Patriots will receive a draft choice, probably about a 3rd round choice. That I don’t like. If the Patriots could get a wide receiver from the Vikings like a Greg Camarillo, you might be able to convince me that it is a good move but I think that is still not enough.

There are very few receivers who pose the kind of deep threat that Moss is so they will not be able to replace that. Now the Patriots were not going to re-sign Moss so like Richard Seymour last year, the Patriots wanted to get something for him rather than letting him go for nothing.

Do the Patriots possibly think the speedy Brandon Tate is ready to take Moss’s place ? I think that must be the case. Tate has certainly displayed his speed on his 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns but transferring that to be a consistent deep threat is a big leap of faith on behalf of the Patriots.

Interesting move by Belichick who must be feeling pretty confident about his team after Monday night’s 41-14 win, a win accomplished with Moss not having one single pass reception.