Looking for 3rd straight Hat Trick, and when they will play next
May 14, 2009

Thursday night the 3 local teams will try to make it 3 times in a row that they have won 3 games on the same night.

The Bruins 7th game against Carolina tops the list. There is nothing like the anticipation and excitement of a deciding 7th game and when it is at the Garden-you’ve got to like the home team especially when they come in with the momentum and knowledge of having outplayed the Hurricanes the last 2 games.   –The Eastern conference Finals against Pittsburgh will probably start on Monday night at the Garden.

The Celtics game #6 task is much tougher playing in Orlando, but if the C’s can pull it off they will start the Eastern Conference Finals Monday night in Cleveland with game 2 on wednesday night and games 3 and 4 back here in Boston on Friday and Sunday nights.

If the Celtics-Orlando series goes to a 7th game on Sunday night, the Eastern Conference Finals will begin in Cleveland with games 1 & 2 on Wednesday and Friday nights with games 3 and 4 back here in Boston next Sunday and Tuesday nights.

And last but 1st on the schedule this day- the Red Sox sending Brad Penney to the mound Thursday afternoon in Anaheim trying to start off  the 3rd straight Hat Trick of wins for Boston’s teams in one calender day.

Led the madness begin with the Celtics at 7pm followed by the Bruins at 8pm and the Red Sox at 10pm eastern time.