Still in Mourning
May 19, 2009

I know, get over it and move on, but it was such an exciting run with both the Celtics and Bruins involved in the playoffs. And then poof, they are both finished, in game 7 losses.

The Celtics loss was much easier to take since their exit from the playoffs was a foregone conclusion (and this next round against Cleveland might have been ugly). But the Bruins, well we had such high hopes, but a couple of dog games in playoff games 2-4 ended up costing the Bruins as they left too much to chance in an anything can happen Game 7 where they saw their hopes dashes in an overtime heart breaker.

The positive to take away from the Bruins loss is that they are young and this experience will help them next season. They have got a good foundation and will be good again next season.

So it’s now time to focus on the Red Sox and poor slumping David Ortiz . It’s still too early to focus entirely on the Red Sox. They still have 124 games left.

The Patriots have some work outs this week (check out SportsCenter 5 wed night)

The Boston Breakers (Women’s pro soccer) are in full swing as are the Canons (Mens outdoor Lacrosse) and Revolution. And don’t forget Minor league Baseball all over New England (Youkilis was 0-4 for the Pawsox today) .

And the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Final 4 this week-end in Foxboro.